GWR Toad Brake Van - 4 wheel Diag AA3





The standard GWR brake van - the AA3 was built in 1889. By 1901, 840 had been built. They were initially rated as 13tons, then gradually being increased in tonnage.

Later the lower planking on the bodies was covered by metal sheathing – our model will reproduce both Planked and Plated variants. Many vehicles survived through to BR days and were not withdrawn until the 1950’s.

Product Code   Product Description
OR76TOB001 GWR 4 Wheel Planked (early) Paddington 
OR76TOB002 GWR 4 Wheel Plated (late) Acton 56034
OR76TOB003 BR Toad 4 Wheel Basingstoke 35717
OR76TOB004 BR Toad 4 Wheel Bala 56449




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