GWR Toad Brake Van - 6 wheel Diag AA1





Introduced in 1900, the only 6 wheel Brakes built by the GWR. These are coded AA1 and were braked on all wheels. Suited for 22 tons – or later 24 tons. They were ideal for the heavy coal trains operated over parts of the network in that period.

Later the lower planking on the bodies was covered by metal sheathing – our model will reproduce both Planked and Plated variants. Many vehicles survived through to BR days and were not withdrawn until the 1950’s. 

Initial versions:
OR76TOA001 GWR Toad Brake GWR 6 Wheel Planked (early) Swindon
OR76TOA002 GWR Toad Brake GWR 6 Wheel Plated (late) Bridport
OR76TOA003 BR 6 Wheel Plated Bordesley Junction
OR76TOA004   BR 6 Wheel Plated Toad Wolverhampton 56962 





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