Land Rover Defender - Road Rail variant.



OR76ROR002    Network Rail Land Rover

OR76ROR003   British Rail

The Land Rover is a tough, rugged base platform for rail based operation.  With the installation of a series of rail based wheels, which pivot using hydraulics the Land Rover can tackle most track layouts too.

Based on a system in use on the rail network today, our model also features separate, pivoting rail wheels. The model can be posed on or off the tracks.  Each model comes with a set of 4 section track ramps - allowing the rail to be accessed at any point.

Developed in conjunction with Aquarius Rail, who we thank for sharing the technical information. www.aquariusrail.com

Each item is a static diecast model with pivoting rail wheels.


 We announce the following items in Jan 2017:

OR76ROR001 Railtrack Defender Station wagon
OR76ROR002 Network Rail
OR76ROR003 British Rail




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