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Mk3a Loco Hauled Coach.




The Mk3a coach design was introduced from 1975 for Loco Hauled use across the BR network. Designed for initial use on the West Coast Main Line from London Euston, the coaches have seen use across many parts of the network and many remain in use today. Each model comes with a finely detailed exterior and interior. The glazing will be tinted to match the real vehicles.
Correct interior seating for the class, which is fully painted. NEM coupling pockets, fully detailed coach ends, connectors and detailed service pod arrangements for the relevant coach.

First Livery Application Trial - hand painted sample.

Coach Interior
This picture shows the test painted version with detailed interior and printing on the Service Pod. We also fitted it with a trial of a possible lighting unit. We're working on the options for adding a lighting unit - but this is still be be confirmed.

The coaches will be produced over time as part of a correctly numbered series of coaches. Each coach being based at the same depot and being found in a typical service during the period the livery covers. So you can add future releases to form a full train service.

Initial versions:

OR763FO001 Mk 3a Coach FO BR Blue & Grey M11052
OR763FO002 Mk 3a Coach FO BR Intercity Swallow 11008
OR763RB001 Mk 3a Coach RUB BR Blue & Grey M10025
OR763RM002 Mk 3a Coach RFM BR Intercity Swallow 10201
OR763TO001 Mk 3a Coach TSO BR Blue & Grey M12056
OR763TO002 Mk 3a Coach TSO BR Intercity Swallow 12007

Additional items announced Jan 2017:

OR763CO001 Mk3a CO ScotRail SC11907
OR763FO001B Mk3a Coach FO BR Blue & Grey M11042
OR763FO002B Mk3a Coach FO BR Intercity Swallow 11046
OR763FO003 Mk3a FO Virgin West Coast 11042
OR763FO004 Mk3a FO Stobart Rail 11013
OR763FO005 Mk3a FO ScotRail SC11005
OR763RB001B Mk3a RUB BR Blue & Grey M10005
OR763RM002B Mk3a Coach RFM BR Intercity Swallow 10242
OR763RM003 Mk3a RFM Virgin West Coast 10206
OR763TO001B Mk3a Coach TSO BR Blue & Grey M12068
OR763TO001C Mk3a Coach TSO BR Blue & Grey M12070
OR763TO002B Mk3a Coach TSO BR Intercity Swallow 12015
OR763TO002C Mk3a Coach TSO BR Intercity Swallow 12022
OR763TO003 Mk3a TSO Virgin West Coast 12145
OR763TO005 Mk3a TSO ScotRail SC12015
  In September 2016 we joined Ben Jones, Editor of BRM and on one of the final bright sunny days we took these photos of the new models.
Courtesy British Railway Modelling/Ben Jones 

Artwork for Jan 2017 announcements includes:





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