OR76DG002 Dean Goods 2409 GWR.

OR76DG002XS Dean Goods 2409 GWR DCC Sound Fitted


Photo - Livery test sample- subject to revision.


  • Smooth Running 5 Pole motor

  • Pick ups on all drive wheels and rear wheels plus front and rear tender wheel sets

  • High definition livery specification

  • Separately fitted detail components

  • Motor Gearing to reflect scale speed operation

  • Highly detailed cab interior

  • NEM Couplings

  • DCC Ready  & DCC Sound Fitted options

Dean Goods Maintenance Sheet

The Dean Goods is DCC Sound fitted and comes with a ESU LoksoundV4.0 decoder, speaker and sound chamber.

Sound supplied by Coastal DCC www.coastaldcc.co.uk  

Included sound effects:

F1            Sound on/off

F2            Whistle

F3            POP

F4            Drain Cocks

F5            Flange Squeal

F6            Coupling

F7            Right Of Way Whistle (On) /Response (Off)

F8            Volume

F9            Inertia Off/On

F10          Watering

F11          Coal Shovelling

F12          Aux 2

F13          Safety Valves

F14          Injector

F15          Reverser

F16          Blower

F17          Brake Squeal
Dean Goods Sound Manual
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