OR76AR007 Southern Railway Black with Sunshine Lettering

OR76AR007XS Southern Railway Black with Sunshine Lettering  DCC Sound Fitted


Adams Radial

Pre-production subject to change

  • Smooth Running 5 Pole motor

  • Pick ups on all drive wheels and rear wheel set

  • High definition livery specification

  • Separately fitted detail components

  • Motor Gearing to reflect scale speed operation

  • Highly detailed cab interior

  • NEM Couplings

  • DCC Ready & DCC Sound Fitted options


The Adams Radial is DCC Ready and comes with an NEM 8 pin socket in the Coal Bunker. The small size of the prototype means the space for decoders in quite limited. We recommend installing a direct fit chip such as the TCS DP2X-UK direct plug in 8 pin. This can be obtained from good model shops and also DCC Specialist retailers.

The DCC Sound fitted version will come supplied with an ESU Loksound V4.0 decoder, speaker and sound chamber pre installed.

Included sound effects:



F1 Sound on/off
F2 Steam whistle
F3 Short whistle
F4 Coal shovelling
F5 Air pump
F6 Acceleration/Brake time,
Shunting mode, Shunting speed
F7 Curve squeal on/off
F8 Water pump
F9 Cylinders blow out
F10 Conductor’s signal
F11 Coupler clank
F12 Dumping
F13 Brake set/Release
F14 Rail clank
F15 Safety valve






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