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26th September 2018:

Oxford Rail is now on Facebook. Follow our page for all up to date product details and pre-production sample images

4th September 2018:
Livery samples have arrived into our office for approval- 
OR76DG009- ROD Dean Goods 2308
OR76BOOM02- Railgun Gladiator WWII
OR763FO004- Mk3a First Open Stobart Pullman livery
Photographs to follow.
Blue/Grey livery Mk3a Coaches will start arriving in to stock towards the end of September with OR763RB001 being the first into our warehouse.  

3rd May 2018:
Livery samples have arrived  in our office which include the N7 and the 5 plank wagons. 

11th January 2018:
First delivery of the Mk 3a's have arrived into our depot. First available coaches are:
OR763TO002- Mk 3a Coach TSO BR Intercity Swallow 12007
OR763FO002- Mk 3a Coach FO BR Intercity Swallow 11008

9th January 2018:
First engineering sample of the N7, has arrived in our office along with painted samples of the Blue/ Grey Mk3 for approval. 

2nd Jan 2018:
Happy New Year! Our new range launches at the London Toy Fair.

11th August 2017:
Livery samples of further new items continue to arrive in our offices, including the following:
Warwell - Steel Carrier
OR76WW003 - Warwell with Steel Carrier Deck
GWR 6 wheel toad
OR76TOA002 - GWR 6 Wheel Toad
Warwell with Steam Roller
OR76WW009 - Warwell with Steam Roller
5th July 2017:
We've received further examples of our new Buildings. You can see these on our Oxford Structures page.
Click Here for Oxford Structures
GWR Station

2nd June 2017:
We are delighted to announce our new range - Oxford Structures
Click Here for Oxford Structures
A model railway, as they say is not just trains and track but much more. For a model layout to have substance as well as character it requires, apart from trees and general fauna a collection of buildings and it is precisely this thinking that has driven Oxford Rail to produce a range of 00 scale buildings under the brand name Oxford Structures.
Hazel Cottage
The new and initially modest range of buildings offers the modeller a selection of finely detailed resin moulded buildings that are painted to a truly exacting standard. This new Oxford Structures range of buildings has been separated into two distinct groups. The first could be simply described as domestic buildings and grouped under the Oxford Structures heading of Town and Country. The initial range will consist of two shops, a 1930s style bungalow, plus a thatched cottage. Also included is a beautifully styled country church and of course the obligatory Pub!

GWR Water Tower
Closer to the railway tracks Oxford have sought inspiration from the Great Western Railway with superb model example of a characteristic Station as well as suitable platform sections. There is a Signal Box, a truly impressive Water Tower and a Goods Shed. And what collection of railway buildings would not be without a single track Engine Shed. All these models carry the distinctive design DNA of the GWR and each detailed model has been carefully crafted to capture the real essence of Gods Wonderful Railway.
Availability of the complete Oxford Structures range is planned to be released late 2017 with prices being confirmed shortly.
Click our Structures logo to find out more: 
Click Here for Oxford Structures

Oxford Rail Updates

We've also progressed many of the products announced at the beginning of the year, check out the links on the left hand side for additional pictures of the following:  Warwell, 35ton Tank Wagons, Road Rail Land Rover, Carflat plus the first Artwork for our N7 liveries.

Land Rover Road Rail Unit
Oxford Rail June Releases

We are stepping up output of our Oxford Rail range due to huge demand for the announced items.
Later this month the first versions of all these new items will reach the shops:
Oxford Rail Dean Goods
OR76DG001  Dean Goods GWR Lined
BR Carflat
OR76CAR001  BR Carflat
Oxford Rail Warwell A Ministry Of War Transport MS1
OR76WW001  Warwell - Ministry of Transport MS1
7 plank Coke Wagon
OR76CK7001   Dinnington Coke wagon with 2 coke rails
Carflat Car Packs
OO Scale Car Packs for Carflat (4 decades)
N scale Car Packs for Carflat (2 decades)
We also plan to release further liveries of our existing products in June, as follows:
6 Plank Mineral wagon - LNER and Weathered LNER
Cattle wagon - LNER and LNER Lime Washed
7 plank mineral wagons - three further liveries plus a renumbered Weymouth & District wagon.

Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on all these releases. You can find the sign up box at the bottom of this page.

25th May 2017:
You can download the 2017 catalogue for viewing off line.
5th April 2017:
Our art studio are always busy creating Livery samples of forthcoming models. Here are a few we've received recently for review and eventual approval. 
OR76CK7002 - Coalite Coke Wagon
OR76CK7002 - Coalite Coke Wagon
OR76MW7004B Weymouth District Co-Op
OR76MW7004B Weymouth District Co-Op
OR76MW7028 Chatterley 7 Plank
OR76MW7028 Chatterley 7 Plank
OR76MW6002C 6 plank BR Mineral
OR76MW6002C 6 plank BR Mineral


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